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indusarea_kc's Journal

Industrial Area Community
Kansas City
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Industrial Area Productions, the leading gothic/industrial promoter in the KC area, presenting weekly events, bands, and private parties.
1984, [:sitd:], accessory, aldous huxley, aliens, alternative fashion, and one, angels & agony, art, aslan faction, assemblage 23, batty's ass, bile, bpm, chris liebing, clear vision, clock dva, clubs, combichrist, comedy central, computers, covenant, cruxshadows, cubse sx, culture kultür, cut.rate.box, cyberoptix, cyberpunk, dark raves, darkstep, das ich, decoded feedback, depeche mode, dhs, dj, djing, djs, dnb, drumnbass, drums, dulce liquido, e-craft, ebm, ebm music, electro, electro-industrial, electroclash, electronic, electronic music, electronica, evils toy, evolution, feindflug, felix da house cat, fetish, fictional, fiendflug, fischerspooner, front 242, front line assembly, funker vogt, god module, goth, guitars, hanzel & gretyl, harsh ebm, haujobb, headscan, hmb, hocico, house, icon of coil, in strict confidence, industrial, industrial music, kiew, kmfdm, kompressor, kraftwerk, ladytron, leaether strip, leaetherstrip, manray, mdfmk, metal, metropolis, metropolis records, midi, models, music, negative format, neuroactive, new order, nightclubs, noise, noisex, noize, pain, parallel project, philip k. dick, piercing, piercings, portishead, power noise, powernoise, project pitchfork, propellerhead, psychology, psytrance, pvc, pzycho bitch, reason, rivet, rivetbitchez, rivetheads, science fiction, shirley manson, slayer, slick idiot, soman, stromkern, suicide commando, synthpop, system syn, tattoos, techno, techstep, tekno, terminal choice, terror ebm, terrorfakt, the faint, tomcraft, tool, trance, trip hop, tristesse de la lune, tumor, underpants gnomes, underworld, velvet acid christ, vnv nation, voodoo & serano, william gibson, wumpscut, zoth ommog